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Filmografia sulla crisi dell'impero romano e l'etą dei «barbari» - I film sul Medioevo fantastico


1994, regia di John Grusd



Scheda: NazioneUSA - ProduzioneDIC Productions - SoggettoDavid Wise - SceneggiaturaMichael Reaves - FormatoColor, animazione - Durata30' (ogni episodio).

Le voci: Kathleen Barr, Jim Byrnes, Michael Donovan, Phil Hayes, Mark Hildreth, Kelly Sheridan, Louise Vallance, Chiara Zanni.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «This cartoon was meant to take place after the finale of Conan the Adventurer. With Wrath-Amon vanquished and his family returned to life from living stone, he thought that his questing had finished. He soon finds that the family of one of his friends is being turned into wolves by an evil sorceress. Conan finds that he now must train three new warriors in possession of magical "star stones" to aid him in ridding the world of this sorceress and returning his friends' family back to normal. Unfortunately, the show only lasted for one season and only thirteen episodes were produced».


La serie tv (13 episodi) da cui č stato tratto il film č andata in onda su CBS Channel dal 5 marzo al 27 agosto 1994.



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