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(1001 Erotic Nights - The Story of Sheherazade )

1982, regia di Stephen Lucas


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Winters/Lucas Productions - Distribuzione: Astral Video, Essex Video, VCA PicturesSoggettoStephen Lucas - SceneggiaturaStephen Lucas - FotografiaTeru Hayashi - MontaggioTerrance O'Reily (Terrance O'Reilly) - Art Direction: Bryon Costales (Bryan Costales)CostumiVictoria Donne - MusicheRichard Hieronymus (Ronny Romanovitch) - FormatoColor - Durata: 87'.

Cast: Annette Haven, Laura Lazarre, Chelsea Manchester, Lisa de Leeuw, John Leslie, Lysa Thatcher, Mai Lin, Joey Silvera, Nicole Black, Herschel Savage, Jon Martin, Jim Malibu, Paul Thomas, David Morris, Fay Burd, John Leslie.


Trama e commenti: «Libero adattamento dalla fiaba orientale Le mille ed una notte, č un classico del cinema hard. Annette Heaven č insuperabile sia per la sua raffinata bellezza che per l'interpretazione insuperabile» [sic!].

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - «That's the 1982 original, with Annette Haven, John Leslie, Lisa DeLeew, Mai Lin, Lysa Thatcher, Tigr, Herschel Savage, Paul Thomas, Nicole Black and more. Brilliant work overall. The plot is a charming and Faithful adaptation of the fairy-tale premise (they even get the place names right!), the acting is excellent throughout, the soundtrack delightful and the sex hot and tasteful. One of the classiest classics around. Annette is at her most gorgeous. Even though she's been a great favourite of mine for so long, only now do I realize that she gives perhaps the greatest head of all time; I love the hint of a smile when she takes the cock out of her mouth and examines it. Wow. Her final scene with John Leslie ends very tastefully with the shot fading away from the tent where they are entwined; an internal cumshot is implied...».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: A Thousand and One Erotic Nights; Hard Arabian Nights; Sheherezade; Mil y una noches eróticas de Sheherezade.




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