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1946, regia di Niren Lahiri


Scheda: Nazione: India - Produzione: P.R. Productions - SoggettoPronob Roy - Dialoghi: Narendra Tuli - Fotografia: Ajoy Kar - Art Director: Batu Sen, Biren Nag - MusicheKamal Dasgupta - FormatoB.N., musicale, linguaggio Hindi.

Cast: Kanan Devi, Hiralal, Robin Majumdar, Nawab, Molina, Sunder, Devi Mukherjee.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «Brothers Qasim and Alibaba live side by side in the city of Baghdad but Qasim does not keep contact with Alibaba, who is poor and he feels that there cannot be any relationship between the rich and the poor. One morning when there is not a grain of rice in Alibaba’s house, he goes to Qasim but is turned out. Alibaba’s son Mansoor (Robin Majumdar) is seen that night at Qasim’s palace, dagger in hand ready to kill his uncle and end his tyranny. Qasim’s slave girl Salma (Kanan) stops him from committing the crime and tells him that individual killings would not remove the disparity between the rich and poor. Mansoor is moved by her words and goes back but he cannot forget the exquisite beauty that Salma is… Fortune plays a curious trick on the fate of the brothers and Alibaba comes to occupy Qasim’s palace and live happily with family. His son Mansoor is not happy and dreams of a society free from want and hunger. He believes in equality and wants to release the slaves of his father. A dispute crops up and Mansoor leaves the luxuries and comforts of the house to lead an unknown life. Only Salma knows his whereabouts and the two meet secretly in the dead of night. Suddenly Alibaba faces with danger with bandits in his house and Salma comes running to Mansoor for help. He accompanies her to his own house and the bandits are killed by Salma with Mansoor’s assistance. Happy Alibaba frees Salma from slavery but she is not happy, she has no place to go to. A reunion between father and son has taken place and Alibaba fixes up his son’s marriage with the daughter of an Ujeer… Salma leaves, her dream of a home with Mansoor is shattered and she begins an apparently never ending journey across the arid lands. Will Mansoor come to take her back?».





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