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Il Medioevo della lampada magica


2000, regia di Geoff Pone


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Lisa Clark - Sceneggiatura: Simon Nye - Musiche: Philip Pope - Formato: Color.

Cast: Ed Byrne, Patsy Kensit, Julian Clary, Martin Clunes, Ralf Little, Paul Merton, Billy Murray, Griff Rhys Jones, Lisa Jane Riley, John Savident.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb: Celebrity cameos and cringing at awful jokes are mandatory in the traditional British Panto. Hammed up so mercilessly what should be terrible becomes good unfortunately this is a complete disaster. The cameos are, as expected, wooden. But so to are the rest of the performances. The rehearsals and multiple retakes of TV show how it is technology rather than acting skill which has put so many "stars" on our silver screen. "Griff Rhys-Jones " (qv) is one notable exception in his small role, as are two of the major characters: "Martin Clunes" (qv) as the evil Abanazer and "John Savident" (qv), as Widow Twankey, is proper Dame.

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