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Il Medioevo della lampada magica


(Aladin et la lampe merveilleuse)

1969, regia di Jean Image


Scheda: Nazione: Francia - Produzione: Les Films Jean Image - Distribuzione: Jumbo, Paramount Pictures - Soggetto: tratto da Le Mille e una notte - Sceneggiatura: France Image, Jean Image - Fotografia: Olaf Csongovai - Montaggio:  Olaf Csongovai - Animatori: Denis Boutin, Marcel Breuil, Guy Lehideux, José Xavier - Musiche: Fred Freed - Formato: Eastmancolor, animazione - Durata: 71' (60', 77').

Voci: Gaston Guez, Henri Virlojeux, Claire Guibert, René Hiéronimus, Lucie Dolène, Fred Pasquali.





Trama e commenti: Dizionario Farinotti - «Aladino figlio di una povera vedova, diviene ricco in seguito al reperimento di una lampada magica capace di appagare ogni desiderio...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: «A magician whose vast fortune was not enough to satisfy his ambitions, dreamed of absolute power, which he would enjoy if he could become the owner of a certain wonderful lamp which was in the possession of some fabulous genies. The magician lived in Africa and his only companions were the owl Hou-Hou and a magic ball through which he was able to question the genies. He eventually found out that the wonderful lamp was hidden in Asia, deep in the earth, and could only be taken by an innocent hand, the hand of a child. The magician set out. After many adventures he reached the borders of China and a town with three hills about which the genie of the Dark had told him. There, among the minarets and gardens, he discovered the boy Aladdin, who lived in poverty with his mother and who seemed likely to be able to serve his purpose. The magician introduced himself as a long lost uncle, brought him fine clothes and set off with him in search of the lamp. The genie of a ring...» (Bruno Edera).



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