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Apriti Sesamo...

Ali Baba bujang lapok

1960, regia di P. Ramlee


Scheda: Nazione: Malesia-Singapore - Produzione: Malay Film Productions Ltd. - Distribuzione: Shaw BrothersSoggettoP. Ramlee - SceneggiaturaP. Ramlee - FotografiaAbu Bakar Ali, Mustafa Yassin - MontaggioH.R. Narayanan - Art DirectorWong Hong Peng  - ScenografiaMustafa Yassin - CostumiMustafa Yassin - MusicheKassim Masdor, P. Ramlee - Formato: B.N. - Durata: 122'.

Cast: P. Ramlee, Aziz Sattar, S. Shamsuddin, Normadiah, Sarimah, K. Fatimah, Leng Hussain, Shariff Dol, M. Rafee, Ali Fiji, A. Rahim, H.M. Busra, Nyong Ismail, Zaiton, S. Kadarisman, Mustarjo.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - Ali Baba (Aziz Sattar) is a poor man who cannot succeed in life. He constantly sends his wife to his brother Kassim Baba's house to borrow flour so they can eat, but the stingy Kassim Baba (S. Shamsuddin) is frustrated at his brother and constantly reminds his wife, Aloyah, of Ali Baba's uselessness. When Aloyah comes to ask for flour for the umpteenth time, Kassim Baba loses his temper and lashes out at her sending her home in tears. She blames Ali Baba for putting her in the situation and blames him for not making an effort to seek a job. Ali Baba finally relents and goes out into the woods to gather firewood where he chances upon a group of 40 thieves marching through the woods carrying loot and treasures. He hides in a tree and watches their leader (P. Ramlee) stand in front of a cave and sings a verse of seemingly nonsensical words (niat ingsun matek aji semar ngising, actually a Javanese language poem) which causes an entrance to the cave to open. Ali Baba waits until the thieves have all left the cave before coming out of the tree and using the magic words to open the cave. Inside, he discovers a variety of riches and wealth, but only takes a box of gold coins. ....





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