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Apriti Sesamo...

Ali Baba wa al arbain harame

1942, regia di Togo Mizrahi (Ahmed El Mashraqi)


Scheda: Nazione: Egitto - Soggetto: da Le Mille e Una Notte - SceneggiaturaTogo Mizrahi (Ahmed El Mashraqi) - Formato: B.N.

Cast: Ali El Kassar Mohamed Abdel Moteleb Ismail Yasin Abdel Meguid Choukry Zakeya Ebrahim Reyad El Kasabgy.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «A film version of the popular tale of “Ali Baba”, who is living in poverty while his brother Qassim is leading a very prosperous life. One day, when Ali Baba is on a trade trip, he discovers a cave which opens with secret password, and contains endless treasures and relics. He tries to solve his financial problems using the fortune he has just discovered, until his greedy brother shows up».






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