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Sull'antica strada romana

(On the Old Roman Road)

2001, regia di Don Askarian


Scheda: Nazione: Olanda - Produzione: Askarian Film, De Productie, Don Film, Film 21 - Distribuzione: Don Film - Soggetto: Don Askarian - Sceneggiatura: Don Askarian - Fotografia: Rudolf Vatinyan - Montaggio: Don Askarian - Art direction: Don Askarian - Formato: B.N. e Technicolor - Durata: 76'.

Cast: Sylvia Gelton, Pavel Khachatrian, Stepan Shahinyan, Piet van Dijk.



Trama e commenti: - «Levon ricorda la sua fanciullezza al tempo dell’Impero Ottomano: amore, persecuzioni politiche. Una storia piena di sangue. Ma c’è anche la storia di crimini più recenti. I terroristi armeni, gli agenti segreti turchi, la tragedia del popolo curdo».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «Askarian’s most recent project is another meditation on the artist in exile. Like the filmmaker Avetik and the real-life composer Komitas from his previous films, Levon - a writer of Armenian extraction now living in Rotterdam - is caught between memories of homeland and the realities of contemporary life. From his Dutch domicile, Levon reminisces about his brother-in-law (a hairdresser who robs dead Turks), a brilliant Kurdish musician, a red-bearded executioner, a seventeen-year-old girl with chestnut-colored skin, and a Turkish Apollo with eight wives who likes to bury himself in hot ash. His memory is also populated by beautiful thoroughbred horses, stray dogs, camel drivers, soldiers, and Turkish policemen. These poetic, almost surrealist scenes of magic love and political cruelty are contrasted with the reality of present-day Rotterdam, presented in the guise of a modern crime story with Armenian terrorists and a Kurdish tragedy».



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