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1996, regia di Bob Carruthers, David McWhinnie



Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Cromwell Productions, Lamancha Productions - Distribuzione: Prime Time Entertainment, Ascot Elite Home Entertainment, WVG Medien GmbH, Black Hill Pictures, Koch Media, EuroVideoMedia Cooperation One - SceneggiaturaBob Carruthers - Fotografia: Chris Weaver - MontaggioOwen Parker - Art Direction: Jeremy Freeston - Costumi: Lionel Digby - Musiche: Gordon Dougall, Paul Farrer - Formato: Color - Durata: 90'.

Cast: Sandy Welch, Oliver Reed, Brian Blessed, Hildegard Neil, Richard Brimblecombe, Conor Chamberlain, Steven Clark, Pavel Douglas, Ross Dunsmore, Vincent Faber, Heather Flannagan, Dee Hepburn, John Hoye, Michael Leighton, Allan Sutherland, Michael Van Wijk.


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Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «Based on the heroic story of Scotland's greatest warrior King, this epic new feature film includes the now legendary battle of Bannockburn sequence – the largest filmed reconstruction of medieval battle ever staged in the British Isles. The Bruce is...». «Out in the desert two groups of horsemen battle each other. It's the Knight Templars versus a group of Arab horsemen. A friar is working on the history of Scotland's greatest warrior-king, Robert the Bruce. He tells a fellow friar that during the life of Robert, the throne of Scotland was vacant. And there were 13 men competing to be the Scottish king. The 13 fought amongst each other rather than go up against the English King Edward I. In fact, they even asked Edward I to chose the man who would be the Scottish king. Only one man defied the English king and that was Robert the Bruce. But Robert made one big mistake. He trusted the word of John Comyn the Red, who was also a competitor of the throne. Robert and John are alone on horse back. Robert tells John the Red that they should work together so they make a big difference in Scottish politics. John suggests that Douglas join with them, but Robert doesn't think Douglas is inclined to fight for Scotland. They will meet on Tuesday. Edward I of England at court, Berwick-on-Tweed (on the coast southeast of Edinburgh). A soldier named Gloucester presents a clergyman named Aubrey. The King asks where is Aubrey's superior? Aubrey says that his superior thought it best not to come to court. But the man does want to complete the pact with the King. In fact, he will arrange it so that both armies are at Tweeddale Bridge on Ash Wednesday. A servant comes out to show everyone the crown of the King of Scotland. The Queen says: "Rather miserable prize for so much trouble." After Aubrey leaves, the Queen refers to Scotland as such a stupid, little country. The King says that this time he is going to finish off Robert the Bruce.  Robert Bruce's Castle, Scotland. Comyn and Douglas have sent their armies to unite with the Bruce's army. Bruce asks Bishop Wisharton who will be the next King of Scotland? The Bishop is not going to say. He has urged the competitors to get their country free first and then worry about who will be King. ... The friar historian says that Robert the Bruce won freedom for his country. He ruled Scotland until his death in 1329. He never made it out to Jerusalem, but his heart was taken there by some Scottish fighters and thrown into the midst of the enemy troops when the fight started, as per the wish of Robert the Bruce. Good to have this film about Robert the Bruce who won freedom for his country, Scotland. Edward I of England was such as skilled opponent, that he continually defeated the Scots. But Edward I died and was replaced by Edward II, King of England. Robert the Bruce won freedom for Scotland at the Battle of Bannockburn, at least for awhile. It's a rather short film, but well done and entertaining. Sandy Welch (as Robert the Bruce) was very good. Brian Blessed and Oliver Reed, of course, are well-known pros» (Patrick Louis Cooney).





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