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1933, regia di Pierre Colombier



Scheda: Nazione: Francia - Produzione: Pathé-Natan - Distribuzione: France Films - Soggetto: da The Admirable Chrichton di J. M. Barrie - Sceneggiatura: Yves Mirande - Fotografia: Raymond Agnel, René Colas - Musiche: Jacques Dallin - Formato: B.N.

Cast: Raimu, Lucien Baroux, Léon Belières, Alexandre Colas, Jean Dax, Eugène Gaidaroff, Christian Gérard, Marie Glory, Gaston Jacquet, Auguste Mouriès, Pierre Piérade.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «Patrons of French language films need not be apprehensive of being subjected to a revision of history à la Hollywood when they go to see "Charlemagne," the current importation at the little Cinema de Paris. For the central figure of this fairly entertaining mélange of satire and farce is no motion picture director's idea of the Emperor of the West at the turn of the ninth century, but just a good-natured, husky stoker on a private yacht who becomes the ruler of an islet for a few weeks. Excellent photography and a number of well-constructed views of Paris and the imaginary tropic isle, which serves as a place of refuge for an actress, five of her male friends and the stoker after the yacht is wrecked, help atone for the rather repetitious nature of the dialogue and the obviousness of the action. Marie Glory is as charming as usual as the temporary "queen" of the temporary "king," effectively represented by M. Raimu. The rest of the cast makes the best of the situations arising from the revolt of the at first humble stoker who finally realizes he is the strongest of the castaways and sets up a "dictatorship" which lasts until the rescue. More or less legible English titles explain the "wisecracks" at class divisions based on property or on physical strength».




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