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Apriti Sesamo...


1923, regia di Herbert Wilcox



Scheda: Nazione: GB, Germania - Produzione: Graham-Wilcox production,  Universum Film Aktiengesellschaft - Distribuzione: Graham-Wilcox - Soggetto: Oscar Asche, Frederick Norton, Herbert Wilcox - Sceneggiatura: Oscar Asche, Frederick Norton, Herbert Wilcox - Formato: B.N.

Cast: Betty Blythe, Herbert Langley, Randle Ayrton, Eva Moore, Judd Green, Olaf Hytten, Jeff Barlow, Jameson Thomas, Dora Levis.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - «This two-part adventure drama finds the lovely Zahrat (Betty Blythe) stolen by the villainous Abou Hassan (Herbert Langley) before her marriage to Omar (Randle Ayrton). After Omar is captured, the two escape into the desert in an effort to be free of the evil Abou. Part two concerns Ali Baba (Judd Green) and his adventures in Arabia...».




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