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L'età delle crociate


1995, regia di Alan Ereira, David Wallace


Scheda: Nazione: GB - SoggettoTerry Jones - SceneggiaturaTerry Jones - Formato: Colore, documentario, serie tv The History Channel - Durata: 200' (4 episodi).

Cast: Terry Jones (conduttore), Anthony Smee, Steve Purbrick, Marcello Marascalchi, Robin Sebastian, Kate Binchy, Suheil Zakkan, Steven Runciman.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - IMDb: «In this series, Terry Jones presents the recounting of the religious wars for control of the "Holy Lands" waged by Christian Europe against the Islamic world. In addition, Terry Jones recreates specific aspects of those events by exploring the lives of pivotal figures, the technology and the politics of the era. Furthermore, Terry Jones also shows how these acts of religious bigotry at its worst have led to many of the political and ethnic problems we have today» (Kenneth Chisholm).

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