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L'etą delle crociate



1987, regia di Franklin J. Schaffner


Scheda: Nazione: USA - ProduzioneTaliaFilm II Productions - DistribuzioneOrion Pictures Corporation, Warner Bros. - Soggetto: Menno Meyjes - Sceneggiatura: Menno Meyjes, Richard Outten - Fotografia: Alec Mills - Montaggio: David Bretherton, Richard W. Haines - ScenografiaJosie MacAvin - CostumiNaną Cecchi - Musiche: Jerry Goldsmith - Effetti specialiMichael White, Tony Fox, Heinz Ludwig, Hans Neurohr - FormatoColor - Durata: 104'.

Cast: Eric Stoltz, Gabriel Byrne, Nicola Cowper, Dexter Fletcher, Deborah Moore, Nicholas Clay, Bruce Purchase, Neil Dickson, Penny Downie, Nadim Sawalha, John Franklyn-Robbins, Chris Pitt, Matthew Sim, Paul Rhys, Sammi Davis, Wayne Goddard, Courtney Roper-Knight, Michael Sundin, Louise Seacombe, Patrick Durkin, Haluk Bilginer, Ralph Michael, Barry Stanton, Jan Waters, Anne Firbank.



Trama e commenti: «Mentre nel 1213 Riccardo Cuor di Leone attraversa la Francia per la sua crociata in Terra Santa, un giovane cavaliere che vorrebbe unirsi a lui, raccoglie ragazzini sbandati e senza casa e costituisce una sua propria crociata. L'episodio č storico e ispirņ nel 1967 uno sfortunato film del polacco Andrzej Wajda, ma qui č esposto in cadenze romanzesche, anzi favolistiche per un pubblico di adolescenti. Grandi mezzi, esiti scarsi, una bella colonna musicale di Jerry Goldsmith. Prodotto da Francis Ford Coppola».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - «Lionheart is one of the last films from the late Franklin Schaffner, a director whose enviable track record ... A return to the epic filmmaking for which Schaffner is best known, Lionheart is set in a 12th-century France that is ravaged by plague, poverty, and petty territorial wars. Eric Stoltz plays Robert Nerra, a young nobleman who, rather than following King Richard the Lionhearted on his latest Crusade, suits up for battle against a rival landowner. Robert is knighted for the occasion, but during the bloody combat he panics and runs. As he wanders the landscape, the disconsolate Robert is mistaken for a valiant Crusader, and he's joined by numerous orphaned and abandoned children. The kids want protection against the slave traders who prey on homeless youths; of these villains none is more feared than the Black Prince (Gabriel Byrne), a Crusader-gone-bad who sells children to the same Arabs he once fought. Seeing Robert as the embodiment of virtue and innocence, the Black Prince vows to destroy him. As the ever-growing retinue of children march across France in search of King Richard, the Black Prince follows. When the children reach the sea, they find a castle flying King Richard's banner. Alas, it's a trap set by the Black Prince, whose forces round up the little ones to make slaves of them. But Robert challenges the Black Prince to one-on-one combat and manages to kill the fiend. At this point King Richard himself rides in with a troop of Crusaders. Now a loyal Crusader, Robert reunites with his father. Various youthful romantic entanglements are also happily sorted out, and all, in King Richard's words, go off to follow their destinies...».

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Lionheart: The Children's Crusade.




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