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L'Inghilterra dei Tudor: Elisabetta I

2 nominations BAFTA TV Award: Best Original Television Music, Specialised Programme or Series; 1 nomination RTS Television Award: Best Costume Design.


2000, regia di Steven Clarke, Mark Fielder


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Channel 4 Television Corporation - Distribuzione: Channel 4 Television CorporationFotografia: Chris Openshaw - Montaggio: Harry Beney, Jane Harris - Costumi: Anna Palmgren - Musiche: Andy Price - Formato: Color - Durata: 200'.

Cast: David Starkey, Imogen Slaughter, Séana Montague, Karen Archer, Anthony Babington, Saskia Backwell, Alain Bourgoin, Alex Bulgo, Michelle Bunyan, Sophie Clarke, Roddy Coleman, Lord Cranborne, Ian Driver, John Gully, Billy Hewett, Colin Higgins, Jonathan Jaynes, Lady Victoria Leatham, Father David McCready, Adam Meggido, Paul Mohan, John Moses, James Ollivier, Wayne Opie, Miles Richardson, Simon Rose, Toby Sawyer, Richard Trinder, Jan Winters.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «One of the most important rulers in history, Elizabeth I came to the throne at a time when England was under threat of annexation from abroad and collapse from within. When she died after a reign of 45 years, she left behind a nation protected by the greatest navy on earth and in the midst of a cultural explosion she made possible. Hosted by the world-renowned historian David Starkey ... Elizabeth explores the life and rule of the woman who gave her name to an era. A compelling blend of dramatic re-creations and incisive commentary brings alive the courtly intrigues and epic conflicts that shaped her reign, opens a window into the Queen's private struggles and convictions, and examines her monumental legacy».


Film tv.



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