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 Shakespeare al cinema: drammi e tragedie - Il Medioevo di Laurence Olivier

Academy Awards, 3 nominations: Best Actor in a Leading Role; Best Picture; Best Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Color; Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture. Winner: Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists, Silver Ribbon: Best Director Foreign Film (Miglior film straniero). Kinema Junpo Awards: Best Foreign Language Film. 2 National Board of Review: Best Actor, Best Picture.  New York Film Critics Circle Awards: Best Actor.


(Henry V)

1944, regia di Laurence Olivier


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Two Cities Films Ltd. - Distribuzione: United Artists, Scalera Golden Video, M & R Lanterna Home Video, CDE Home Video, Tecnedit, Criterion CollectionSoggetto: dall'omonima opera di William Shakespeare - Sceneggiatura: Dallas Bower, Alan Dent, Laurence Olivier - Fotografia: Jack Hildyard, Robert Krasker - Montaggio: Reginald Beck, Laurence Olivier - ScenografiaCarmen Dillon, Paul Sheriff - Costumi: Roger K. Furse - Musiche: William Walton - Effetti speciali: W. Percy Day - Formato: Technicolor - Durata: 135'.

Cast: Laurence Olivier, Felix Aylmer, Robert Newton, Leslie Banks, Robert Helpmann, Renée Asherson, Max Adrian, Vernon Greeves, Gerald Case, Leo Genn, Griffith Jones, Morland Graham, Nicholas Hannen, Michael Warre, Ralph Truman, Ernest Thesiger, Roy Emerton, Freda Jackson, George Cole, George Robey, Harcourt Williams, Russell Thorndike, Francis Lister, Esmond Knight.



«Poiché il Delfino ha respinto le sue richieste, Enrico V si dirige con l’esercito inglese verso la Francia, sconfiggendo più volte il nemico francese, ma restando prostrato dalle ripetute battaglie. Enrico V decide di attaccare il nemico e riporta una decisiva vittoria ad Azincourt. Dopo coronerà la vittoria unendosi in matrimonio con la principessa Caterina» (Vito Attolini). 

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Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «Laurence Olivier brings to vivid life Shakespeare's King Henry V, the epitome of the ideal Christian king. After a youth misspent in frivolity and common diversions, Prince Hal ascends the throne only to find himself on the brink of war with France over land and title disputes. Betrayed by his own archbishop in ascertaining the validity of the claims, Henry has to prove himself not only to his enemies but to his own advisers and his people. He thwarts a plot to assassinate him, meting out a swift but fair justice. When the French, unable to take him seriously, refuse to send reinforcements to a town under attack by Henry's troops, England wins the battle easily, yet Henry is merciful to the vanquished town. Though they are badly outnumbered, Henry leads his troops with courage and fortitude into the final, decisive battle against his enemies. Though foreign films were not competing at the time, Olivier won a special Academy Award for directing, producing, and starring in the film. His classic production of Shakespeare's 1599 play is filled with pomp and pageantry, terrific acting, and robust battle scenes».

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