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Artł, Lancillotto, Ivanhoe e dintorni Medioevo al femminile

Ginevra e il cavaliere di re Artł

(Lancelot and Guinevere)

1962, regia di Cornel Wilde


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Emblem Productions, Universal Pictures - Distribuzione: Universal Pictures - Soggetto: dal romanzo La morte di Artł di Thomas Mallory - Sceneggiatura: Richard Schayer, Jefferson Pascal - Fotografia: Harry Waxman - Montaggio: Frederick Wilson - Scenografie: Terry Parr - Costumi: Terence Morgan - Musiche: Ron Goodwin - Formato: Eastmancolor - Durata: 116'.

Cast: Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace, Brian Aherne, George Baker, Archie Duncan, Adrienne Corri, Michael Meacham, Iain Gregory, Mark Dignam, Reginald Beckwith, John Barrie, Richard Thorp, Joseph Tomelty, Graham Stark, Geoffrey Dunn, Walter Gotell, Peter Prowse,Christopher Rhodes.





«Lancillotto, fedele cavaliere della Tavola Rotonda, si innamora di Ginevra, sposa del suo signore Artł» (Vito Attolini). 

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Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMbD - - - - - «Sword of Lancelot was originally released in the UK as Lancelot and Guinevere. The film was directed by its star, Cornel Wilde. While this is by no means the best version of the Camelot story, it is not bad. The story should be familiar to everyone. This particular version covers much the same ground as First Knight, covering the events from when Lancelot is sent as King Arthur's champion to bring Guinevere to Camelot to marry the king, to the defeat of Mordred. Cornel Wilde not only directs, he plays Lancelot and plays him as a Frenchman... Like most of Cornel Wilde's efforts as director, there is a lot of action. While the battle and fight sequences are not brilliantly staged, they are reasonably convincing, and quite violent by the standards of the time. The performances are variable, and the direction is competent without being especially innovative. Nevertheless, the film is reasonably enjoyable».

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Sword of Lancelot; Lancelot, chevalier de la reine; Lancelot, der verwegene Ritter.




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