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Shakespeare al cinema: Amleto

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

1980, regia di Rodney Bennett


Scheda: Nazione: GB-USA - Produzione: BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), Time-Life Television ProductionsSoggetto: dall'omonima tragedia di William Shakespeare - MontaggioDave Hillier - CostumiBarbara Kronig - MusicheDudley Simpson, William Walton - FormatoColor, film tv - Durata: 210'.

Cast: Derek Jacobi, Claire Bloom, Patrick Stewart, Eric Porter, Lalla Ward, David Robb, Patrick Allen, Robert Swann, Jonathan Hyde, Geoffrey Bateman, Emrys James, Jason Kemp, Geoffrey Beevers, Ian Charleson, Tim Wylton, Peter Benson, Paul Humpoletz, Niall Padden, Christopher Baines, John Humphry, John Sterland, Peter Gale, Raymond Mason.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - IMDb: Hamlet comes home from university to find his uncle married to his mother, and his father's ghost haunting the battlements and scaring the watch. Then his father's ghost directs him to seek revenge.


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark; Hamlet



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