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Haunted Castle

2001, regia di Ben Stassen


Scheda: Nazione: Belgio- USA - Produzione: Wave Pictures, Movida, Trix - Distribuzione: nWave Pictures, Alta Dimensión Cinematográfica, Exmax 94 - Soggetto: Ben Stassen - Sceneggiatura: Ben Stassen, Kurt Frey - Fotografia: Komer Klein, J.P. Dezaetijd - Montaggio: Ben Stassen - Art Direction: Anthony Huerta - Costumi: Karen DeWolf - Musiche: Arid, Lunascape - Formato: Color, animazione - Durata: 40'.

Cast: Jasper Steverlinck, Kyoko Baertsoen, Harry Shearer (voce).



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «Johnny’s estranged mother (Kyoko Baertsoen) was a famous, yet reclusive, aging rock star who spent her final days isolated in a mysterious old castle. Upon her death, Johnny (Jasper Steverlinck), a young up-and-coming musician in his own right, is summoned to his mother’s castle in accordance with her final wishes. An odd request, as she hadn’t seen her son since he was three years old. Upon his arrival, Johnny begins to discover that things are not as they appear. The castle begins to come alive as materializing spirits lead him to Mephisto…».

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