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L'Inghilterra dei Tudor: Enrico VIII

Cardinal Wolsey

1912, regia di J. Stuart Blackton, Laurence Trimble


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Vitagraph Company of America - Distribuzione: General Film CompanySoggetto: dall'Enrico VIII di William Shakespeare e dall'Enrico VIII di John Fletcher - AdattamentoHal Reid - Formato: B.N., muto - Durata: 10'.

Cast: Hal Reid, Tefft Johnson, Julia Swayne Gordon, Clara Kimball Young, Robert Gaillard, Logan Paul, George Ober, Harold Wilson.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - One of the silent Shakespeare films made in the Brooklyn studios of the Vitagraph Company at the dawn of the motion picture era. Mostly one-reelers, about ten-minutes in length, the films often showed a good grasp of film grammar, though at other times the actors were photographed pretty much as though the camera were nailed to a tenth-row orchestra seat in a theatre. J. Stuart Blackton developed a keen interest in the advancement of motion picture techniques... (da Shakespeare on Screen: an International Filmography and Videography, di Kenneth S. Rothwell e Annabelle Henkin Melzer).

The Undercover Scandals of Henry VIII

1970, regia di Charlton De Serge


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Go Enterprises - Distribuzione: Fox-MGM - Soggetto: Lawrence Morse - Sceneggiatura: Lawrence Morse - Fotografia: Manuel Whitaker - Musiche: Jaime Mendoza-Nava - Formato: Color - Durata: 74'.

Cast: Lawrence Adams, Elizabeth Ada, Forman Shane, William Keys, Lori Brown, Dee Lockwood, Lawrence Morse, Lisa Grant, Najila.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb  

Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Royal Flesh; Die Liebesorgien des Heinrich VIII.

The Shadow of the Tower

1972, regia di Moira Armstrong e altri


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Jordan Lawrence - Distribuzione: BBC Archives - Soggetto e sceneggiatura: John Elliot, John Gould, Julian Mitchell, John Peacock, Brian Rawlinson, Alun Richards, Rosemary Anne Sisson, Ian Thorne, Hugh Whitemore - FormatoColor, film tv.

Cast: James Maxwell, Derek Anders, Adrienne Byrne, John Franklyn-Robbins, Colin Jeavons, Michael Johnson, Jason Kemp, Rachel Kempson, James Laurenson, Christopher Neame, Maurice Roves, Nicholas Selby, Marigold Sharman, Richard Warwick, Norma West.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb: A series of six dramas by various writers recording the key events in the reign of Henry Tudor and his founding of the Tudor Dynasty.

Regia di: Moira Armstrong, Darrol Blake, Anthea Browne-Wilkinson, Prudence Fitzgerald, Joan Kemp-Welch, Peter Moffatt, Keith Williams.

Henry VIII

2000, regia non reperibile



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: A & E Home Video - Distribuzione: A & E Home Video - Formato: Color, documentario tv.   

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: Everyone knows the story of the many wives of Henry VIII. But that sordid tale is but a small part of the life of a remarkable leader who led his country for almost four decades. One of the best-known monarchs in history, Henry VIII was coronated at the age of 18. Join leading historians as they explore the life and 38-year reign of the legendary king who transformed his nation. Find out how he used his political brilliance to united England and Wales and establish the Kingdom of Ireland. And discover the complete story behind his most lasting accomplishment the creation of the Church of England. Learn the ironic end to his quest for a son, which led to his many marriages, and explore how his legacy continues to shape England to this day. Biography presents a searching profile of one of history's most capricious and powerful kings

Conosciuto anche con il titolo: A&E Biography: Henry VIII.



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