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Il fascino pericoloso dell'Estremo Oriente I film sul Medioevo fantastico

Legend of the Sacred Stone

(Sheng shi chuan shuo)

1999, regia di Chris Huang


Scheda: Nazione: Taiwan - ProduzionePiLi International Multimedia, Pili Pictures - Distribuzione: Deltamac (Taiwan) - SoggettoChris Huang - SceneggiaturaChris Huang - Fotografia: Meng-yu Tsai - Montaggio: Ju-kuan Hsiao - Art Direction: Ming-Hsin Zhou - Musiche: Wu Bai - Effetti speciali: Rong-shu Chen - Formato: Color, animazione, linguaggio mandarino - Durata: 119'.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - ...This is essentially your traditional Chinese swordplay epic with some science fiction elements (namely supernatural monsters) thrown in, and it's all performed with hand puppets of varying scales. The story is a bit obtuse and hard to follow due to the lack of English subtitles, but basically it's about a group of master swordsmen who, after many adventures, end up battling the forces of darkness when the creepy villain gets his hands on a magical or extra-terrestrial artifact (possibly the sacred stone of the title). It transforms....

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