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Lionheart. Legacy of the Crusader

2003, regia di Chris Borders


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Interplay Entertainment - Distribuzione: Black Isle Studios - Soggetto:  Chris Borders - Sceneggiatura:  Eric Dallaire, Bryce Baker, Ion Hardie, Ernie Ramirez - Musiche: Inon Zur - Software programming: Simon Hallam - Formato: Color, film videogame.

Voci: Greg Ellis, J. Grant Albrecht, Dee Bradley Baker, Earl Boen, Grey DeLisle, Barry Dennen, Steve Franken, Javier Grajeda, Brian George, Jennifer Hale, James Horan, Roger Jackson, Lex Lang, David Lodge, Vanessa Marshall e altri.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «Lionheart presents a Europe where a breach in the space-time continuum has prolonged the Dark Ages and kept most areas under the sway of the Inquisition. The space-time breach, called the Disjunction, allowed magical energies and powerful daemons to enter Earth during the Third Crusade. Lionheart players will create and develop a character in this alternate universe, and choose how to pursue their destiny. The RPG character system, converted from the Fallout rules, includes 30 skills, 40 perks, and 15 traits. Since the system is classless, players can modify their character however they choose, and advance as far as level sixty. Lionheart's world contains eight major areas, 80 levels, and a mixture of story and combat arenas. The random item generator allows players to keep discovering new weapons, armor, and charms. Fifty enemies, 30 spells, and a multiplayer system allowing four players to cooperate are also featured» (All Game Guide).




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