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Da Merlino a Nostradamus



1992, regia di Paul Hunt


Scheda: Nazione: GB - ProduzioneOctober 32nd Productions Limited, United Filmmakers - DistribuzioneHemdale Film Corporation, United Filmmakers - Soggetto: Paul Hunt, Nick McCarty - Sceneggiatura: Paul Hunt, Nick McCarty - Fotografia: Gary Graver - MontaggioPhil Sanderson - CostumiZdenek Sánsky - MusicheWilliam Campbell jr., Michael O'Donnell - Formato: Color - Durata: 115'.

Cast: Nadia Cameron-Blakey, Rodney Wood, Richard Lynch, James Hong, Peter Phelps, Robert Padilla, Ted Markland, Desmond Llewelyn,  Paul Hunt, John Ireland, Glenn Jacobson, Pamela Mandell, John Stone.


Trama e commenti: «Le forze del Bene e del Male combattono attravero i secoli per garantirsi la proprietŕ di Excalibur, la spada dai mitici poteri. La Signora del Lago e Merlino devono proteggere il mondo a tutti i costi. Film con alti e bassi. Le ultime scene hanno luogo ai giorni nostri, con la Signora del Lago che...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - «A 1992 international co-production released to American home video in 1994, Merlin is a middlebrow diversion with heroic ambitions beyond the reach of its low-budget talent and production values. An offbeat rehash of Arthurian myth, it needs not one, but three separate prologues to establish that a mighty sword, forged by the wizard Merlin (Rodney Wood), lies buried near the small community of Lansdown, California. The locality's resident Evil Businessman is actually the tyrant Pendragon (Richard Lynch), who's spent centuries trying to wrest the artifact from Merlin's ageless disciple Loong Tao (James Hong). Using the sword, Pendragon can command time to cease and plunge the world into October 32nd--chaos--though it's never explained exactly why he wants to do so. Christy Lake (Nadia Cameron), a reporter in town to investigate Pendragon's mining operation, is the reincarnation of Merlin's daughter, the Lady of the Lake, while geologist John Pope (Peter Phelps) is secretly her eternal warrior/protector/boyfriend. Loong Tao reveals to the pair their respective destinies, and the stage is set for a lot of chasing around in caves. Bullets, spears, and spells are hurled throughout an eventful but eventually tiresome running time of close to two hours. Pendragon ultimately gets the power he craves, but all Chris has to do is summon Merlin, who dispatches the villain to the nether regions with a simple trick that was explained laboriously to the viewer much earlier...».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Merlin: The True Story of Magic; October 32nd.



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