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Il Medioevo di Georges Méliès Il Medioevo erotico-boccaccesco

Il palazzo delle Mille e Una Notte

(Le palais des mille et une nuits)

1905, regia di Georges Méliès


Scheda: Nazione: Francia - ProduzioneStar Film (Georges Méliès) - DistribuzioneGrapevine Video - Formato: B.N. (colore a mano), muto, corto - Durata: 14'.


Trama e commenti: «Fantasia coreografica sul mondo orientale reinventato dalla fantasia sfrenata di Georges Méliès. Tipica "féerie" colorata a mano direttamente sulla pellicola...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - «A sultan tries to win the hand of the woman he loves by hunting for a treasure in a haunted palace. Another Melies piece that packs a movie's worth of events into fifteen minutes (shorter if you're watching it at the wrong projection speed). It features a really big pair of scissors, lots of tumbling mimes in animal outfits, a short fat guy, dancing skeletons, ballerinas and a scary puppet version of Cecil the seasick sea serpent. There's also an incredible sequence where our heros pass through a forest which consists of layer after layer of foliage that is stripped away until we reach the stairs of the palace, and it looks like it was all done in one smooth shot. Pretty impressive» (Dave Sindelar).



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