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prince valiant

1991, regia di ?



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Hearst Entertainment Productions, I.D.D.H. (con The Family Channel, Polyphon Film-und Fernsehgesellschaft, Sei Young Animation Co. Ltd.) - Distribuzione: Divisa Home Video, RTL EntertainmentSoggetto: dai comics di Hal Foster - SceneggiaturaFrank Kerr e altri - FormatoColor, animazione; serie tv - Durata: 30' (22') ogni episodio.

Voci: Robby Benson, Alan Oppenheimer, Efrem Zimbalist jr., Charles Dennis, Samantha Eggar, James Avery, Tim Curry, Michael Horton, Noelle North, Jeff Bennett, Jack Angel, Bob Bergen.

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Trama e commenti: - «The Legend of Prince Valiant, un cartone americano ambientato in un medioevo fantastico, prodotto nel 1991. Da noi é conosciuto con il titolo Principe Valiant. La serie di 65 episodi venne trasmessa nel 1992 da Italia 1 (ricorderete la sigla di Cristina D’Avena), e nel 2006 è uscita in dvd. Il personaggio storico nasce nel 1937 dalla matita del disegnatore Hal Foster, e la serie é basata proprio sui fumetti che appaiono come una sorta di libro illustrato con didascalie. Gli eventi sono storicamente accurati, e trattano di vari periodi storici: dall’ultimo periodo della Storia Romana all’ Età Medievale con alcuni cenni e scene tratti da periodi storici più recenti».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «The Legend of Prince Valiant is an American animated television series based on the Prince Valiant comic strip created by Hal Foster. Set in the time of King Arthur, it's a family-oriented adventure show about an exiled prince who goes on a quest to become one of the Knights of the Round Table. He begins his quest after having a dream about Camelot and its idealistic New Order. This television series originally aired on The Family Channel from 1991 to 1994 for a total run of sixty-five episodes... Like the original comic strip, the series begins with the fall of Thule, the fictional kingdom that Prince Valiant is heir to. Valiant, his parents, and a group of survivors from the castle are exiled by the ruthless conqueror Cynan to a hostile marsh across the sea. The young prince, deeply saddened by this defeat and vengeful towards Cynan, attempts to make the best of his new life but craves some greater purpose. He finds this purpose when he has a series of dreams about a kingdom called Camelot, King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table. Valiant becomes enraptured with Camelot's New Order, which is founded on the ideas that might does not make right and that truth, justice, honor, and friendship should be the guiding forces in people's dealings with each other. Against the wishes of his father, Valiant leaves the exiles' settlement in search of Camelot so that he may serve King Arthur as a Knight of the Round Table. During his quest, the prince meets two peasants who fall under the spell of his dream and join him. The first that he meets is Arn, a wandering peasant with great skills as a woodsman but who is ashamed of his class, illiteracy, and clumsiness. The second is Rowanne, the daughter of a blacksmith, who is feisty, unorthodox, and an expert with a bow and arrow. These three quickly become best friends and find Camelot together. But before they can become knights, they must undergo training, face off against various enemies, and do a bit more growing up...».

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Serie tv in 65 episodi, conosciuta anche con il titolo: The Legend of Prince Valiant.




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