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Il Principe e il Povero

Prinz und Bettelknabe

1920, regia di Alexander Korda


Scheda: Nazione: Austria - Produzione: Sascha Film - Distribuzione: American Releasing, PathéSoggettodal romanzo Il principe e il povero di Mark Twain - Sceneggiatura: Lajos Biró - FotografiaAlexander Korda - Montaggio: Karl Hartl - Scenografia: Arthur Berger - Costumi: Lambert Hofer - Formato: B.N., muto - Durata: 75'.

Cast: Franz Everth, Franz Herterich, Lilly Lubin, Tibi Lubinsky, Ditta Ninjan, Wilhelm Schmidt, Albert Schreiber, A.D. Weisse.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «Directing credit for this Austrian-made production went to "Alexander Kardo" -- probably a misspelling of Alexander Korda, who was working in both Austria and Germany at the time. It sticks closely to Mark Twain's original story -- when Tom Canty, a beggar's boy (Tibi Lubin) wanders into the Royal Garden, he encounters the Prince, who looks exactly like him. Tom has always wanted to be prince and the Prince has always wanted to see the outside world so they decide to trade places for an hour. Unfortunately, it winds up being quite a bit longer. The Prince is horribly abused by Tom's father (Francis Herter), while everyone at the palace is convinced that Tom has gone crazy because he keeps insisting that he's not the prince. King Henry VIII (Alfred Schreiber) dies, and Tom is about to be crowned the new king. But with the help of soldier Miles Hendon (Francis Everth), the Prince makes it back in time for the coronation. As king, he proclaims that Tom is his ward» (Janiss Garza).


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: The Prince and the Pauper; Seine Majestat das Bettelkind.



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