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Vichinghi e popoli del Nord

Sigurd Drakedreper

1989, regia di Knut W. Jorfald, Lars Rasmussen


Scheda: Nazione: Norvegia - Produzione: Mediagjoglerne, Filmeffekt, Norsk Film - Distribuzione: Hemdale Home VideoSoggetto: dal romanzo di Torill Thorstad Hauger - SceneggiaturaKnut W. Jorfald, Lars Rasmussen - FotografiaKjell Vassdal - MontaggioSkule Eriksen - Art Direction: Frode Krohg - CostumiLisbeth Narud - MusicheRandall Meyers - Effetti specialiJarle Blesvik, Petter J. Borgli, Aksel Rødseth - FormatoColor - Durata: 90'.

Cast: Kristian Tonby, Per Jansen, Terje Strømdahl, Rulle Smit, Brit Elisabeth Haagensli, Per Kristian Indrehus, Cathrine Bang, Christian Breivik, Joachim Calmeyer, Anders Eidsvoll,  Pia Rosenberg, Hans Jacob Sand.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - «In Viking times, the sons of rulers had a pretty tough act to follow, as their fathers came to rulership by proving their toughness, courage, martial prowess, and ferocity. In this story, Sigurd (Kristian Tonby) is eleven, and he has a lot of challenges in front of him if he wants to assume his proper place in Viking society - especially as he is a pretty frail fellow. He bravely faces every one of his challenges, even though he often fails at them. When he does, he tries again. Eventually, he has faced them all, and sometime after his father's death, he is a fit man to take over his father's earlship. Due to his trials, however, he has a more generous understanding of the poor and outcaste of his time» (Clarke Fountain).

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: The Littlest Viking.


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