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Medioevo italiano. I film del 1970


1970, regia di Alfio Caltabiano


Scheda: Nazione: Italia - Produzione: Regal Film - Distribuzione: Cineriz - Soggetto: Alfio Caltabiano - Sceneggiatura: Alfio Caltabiano - Fotografia: Aldo Giordani - Montaggio: Eugenio Alabiso - Costumi: Silvana Pantani - Musiche: Carlo Rustichelli - Formato: Techniscope Technicolor - Durata: 98'.

Cast: Tano Cimarosa, Paul Winston, Furio Meniconi, Gérard Herter, Sandro Dori, Richard Watson, Dante Maggio, Consalvo Dell'Arti, Paolo Magalotti, Giorgio Dolfin, Alfio Caltabiano, Ivano Staccioli, Karin Schubert.


Trama e commenti: - - «Una setta di adoratori di Satana rapisce le fanciulle più belle per sacrificarle al dio delle tenebre. Interviene Brando. Avventura sentimental-feudale che nuota nel mare della mediocrità senza salvagente».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb: «In a mediaeval feudal hamlet, young girls are being abducted by a sect of devil-worshipers, all of whose faces are masked by sinister skulls. Brando, the young hero of this film, saves two damsels from the ravages of the sect, which intends to sacrifice the girls to a dark deity. After spoiling the plans of these evil foes, Brando enlists the aid of three friars, who help to crush the grip of fear that the cult has over the villagers. By repeatedly fighting off these monsters, the protagonists at last trace down the leader of the cult--who happens to be none other than the feudal baron himself. This film contains a nice combination of adventure, horror, and comedy--the resultant mixture being distasteful to some viewers. However, I believe that this only adds to the film's overall charm. The action in non-stop, the costumes are nice, and the locations well-utilized. A menacing score by Carlo Rustichelli adds the finishing touch to what I believe is a minor cinematic masterpiece. Really, what more could you ask for? The Italians simply do not make costume films of this greatness anymore».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: O Espadachim da Capa Negra; Robin Hood and the Demons of Satan; Robin Hood und die Dämonen des Satans; Robin Hood und die Dämonen des Todes.




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