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1980, regia di David Lister


Scheda: NazioneUSA - ProduzioneRuby-Spears Productions - DistribuzioneAmerican Broadcasting Company, National Broadcasting Company - Soggetto: Steve Gerber - Sceneggiatura: Steve Gerber, Jack Kirby - Fotografia: Buster Reynolds - MusicheMark Thomas - FormatoColor, animazione - Durata: 30' ogni episodio.

Voci: Robert Ridgely, Nellie Bellflower, Henry Corden.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «Thundarr The Barbarian was a half hour cartoon. In this cartoon, a comet went between the Earth and the Moon. This broke the Moon in half and plunged the planet Earth into chaos. A new society was formed 2000 years later, but...».


Serie tv: 1980-1984.



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