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Medioevo italiano. I film del 1970 Medioevo magico: diavoli e maghi, roghi e streghe


(Der Hexentöter von Blackmoor)

1970, regia di Jesus Franco


Scheda: Nazione: Italia-Spagna-GB-Germania (RFT) - Produzione: Fénix Cooperativa Cinematográfica, Prodimex Film, Terra Filmkunst, Towers of London Productions - Distribuzione: Italcid, American International Pictures, Arce Films, Astral Films - Soggetto: Enrico Colombo, Jesus Franco - Sceneggiatura: Enrico Colombo, Jesus Franco - Fotografia: Manuel Merino - Montaggio: Maria Luisa Soriano - Scenografie: Jack Taylor (come George O' Brown) - Musiche: Bruno Nicolai - Formato: Cinescope Color - Durata: 82 (98').

Cast: Christopher Lee, Leo Genn, Maria Schell, Maria Rohm, Margaret Lee, Hans Hass jr., Howard Vernon, Diana Lorys, José María Prada, Pietro Martellanza, José María Blanco, John Thompson, Serena Vergano, Vicente Roca, Werner Abrolat, Giuli Carr, Milo Quesada.



Trama e commenti: - - «Nell'Inghilterra del XVII secolo il perfido giudice Jefferies, per stroncare la cospirazione contro il re Giacomo II, manda al rogo la giovane Alicia Gray, colpevole di stregoneria. Sua sorella Mary, che sta per fare la stessa fine, viene salvata da un lord. Uno dei deliranti assemblaggi horror-avventurosi-gotico-sadici del leggendario regista spagnolo Jess Franco, mago della serie Z. Qui il modello è Il grande inquisitore di Michael Reeves».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - «This erotic horror film from cult director Jesus Franco is based on the witch-hunting exploits of Lord Chief Justice Jeffreys (Christopher Lee), a real historical figure who died in prison in 1702 at the age of 54. In 1685 England, young Alicia Gray is burnt for witchcraft. Alicia's sister Mary (Maria Rohm) unwisely falls for Harry Selton (Hans Hass, Jr.), a rebel against King James II. After the rebels are defeated, Harry is captured by agents of Lord Chief Justice Jeffreys (Christopher Lee), who defends the crown by accusing its enemies of witchcraft. Also a captive, Mary tries to save her lover by surrendering herself to the cruel Judge, who takes perverse sexual pleasure in sadistic torture. The film revels in displays of whipping, sex, and chained women, but is difficult to evaluate otherwise due to the numerous different versions available, some with alternate endings. One version has Jeffreys hanged, then taken down and beheaded, while another has him watching a hanging from a window while a narrator reads his death sentence. There is also a third ending in which Jeffreys makes a confession to Harry's father, the Earl of Wessex (Leo Genn), before suffering a fatal heart attack. Franco used the character again, this time portrayed by Cihangir Gaffari (aka John Foster) in his 1972 film Les Demons. Howard Vernon, who plays the cruel executioner Jack Ketch here, took a heroic role in the sequel» (Robert Firsching).

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Il giudice sanguinario; El Juez sangriento; El Proceso de las brujas; The Bloody Judge; Night of the Blood Monster; Throne of the Blood Monster; Trial of the Witches; Witch Killer of Broadmoor; Witches' Trial.



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