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Vichinghi e popoli del Nord

I balenieri della Viking

(The Viking)

1931, regia di Varick Frissell, George Melford


Scheda: Nazione: Canada-USA - Produzione: J. D. Williams, Newfoundland-Labrador Film Company - Distribuzione: J. D. Williams - Soggetto: Garnett Weston - Sceneggiatura: Garnett Weston - Fotografia: Alfred Gandolfi, Maurice Kellerman, Alexander G. Penrod - Formato: B.N. - Durata: 70' (89').

Cast: Bob Bartlett, Wilfred Grenfell, Louise Huntington, Charles Starrett, Arthur Vinton.


Trama e commenti: - Un film avventuroso diretto da Melford, famoso ai tempi del muto per alcuni film di successo con Rodolfo Valentino.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - Starrett, believed by his fellow Newfoundlanders to be a jinx, is shamed by Vinton into joining him on a seal-hunting expedition in the icy waters of the Arctic; the real reason for Vinton's taunting is that he doesn't want to leave Starrett behind in close proximity to the girl they both desire, Huntington. The two get stranded on ice floes after a hunting party leaves the sealing ship The Viking, commanded by Bartlett. The perfidious Vinton attempts unsuccessfully to shoot his hated rival, but, snowblind, he misses. Starrett heroically helps the blinded bully back to the vessel, braving many Arctic terrors in the process. Recovered, the chastened Vinton avers to all that he'll beat the tar out of any man who says that Starrett is a jinx or a coward. Made well before Starrett starred in series westerns, the picture was plagued with tragedy. Producer Frissell and about 20 others died when the title ship exploded and sank while on a voyage intended to get filler footage of an iceberg turning over. Famed explorer Grenfell did a prolog eulogy recounting the unfortunate event. The photography is superb and the sound--considering that it was shot on location in the polar area--is excellent, more than making up for the hackneyed story.

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Non riguarda il Medioevo. Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Virgin of the North; Ceux du Viking.


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