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1999, regia di ?


Scheda: Nazione: USA - ProduzioneUniversal Studios Digital Arts (Vivendi Universal Games Ltd.) - Distribuzione: Electronic Arts Inc. - FotografiaAaron Morton  - Art DirectionJill Cormack, Andy McLaren - Script coordinator: Kurt A. Langenhahn - Musiche: Michael A. Reagan - Effetti specialiAnimal Makers - FormatoColor, animazione.

Voci: Terra Allen, Dave Wilbur, Mary Drinkwater, Adrienne Broadbent, Steve Lerud, Walter Park, Shane Olson.


Trama e commenti: Giove decide di portare Alcmena sull'Olimpo e questo scatena la furia di Giunone che ruba la pietra di Chronos al fine di dominare l'universo. Giunone per ottenere il suo scopo....

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - Hoping that the audience for cartoons about Greek gods has not already been satiated by Disney's Hercules (1997), the folks who produce the live-action TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess have repackaged their characters in an action-packed and occasionally charming, but very poorly animated, straight-to-video feature-length film. Hercules (voice of Kevin Sorbo) is the legendary half-man, half-god whose mission is to avenge all wrongs, including those committed by his cruel, impetuous godly relations--namely, his father Zeus (voice of Peter Rowley), and his half-siblings Ares (voice of Kevin Smith), Artemis (voice of Josephine Davidson), and Aphrodite (voice of Alexandra Tydings). Hercules and his sidekick Iolas (voice of Michael Hurst) believe they've witnessed a kidnapping when they see Zeus taking Hercules's mortal mother Alcmene (also voiced by Davidson) aboard his chariot to return to Mount Olympus. Zeus's wife Hera (Joy Watson), is angered, and causes an earthquake that frees the Titans--four giants who once ruled the world but lost control to Zeus. ... The film's worst problem is the mediocre nature of the animation. Clearly, little effort was put into developing interesting backgrounds, or any illusion of three-dimensional space. The excessive angularity of the characters (Hercules being the most extreme example) renders them stiff and unexpressive. These flaws may matter little to fans rooting on their favorite heroes, but is likely to turn off viewers who aren't "Hercules" or "Xena" cultists.

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