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Il cinema indiano: non solo Hollywood  Filmografia su Robin Hood


1987, regia di Tapan Sinha


Scheda: Nazione: India - ProduzioneGaurang Films & Children Film Society - DistribuzioneGaurang Films - SceneggiaturaTapan Sinha - FotografiaKamal Nayak - Art DirectorAshoke Bose - MusicaTapan Sinha - FormatoColor - Durata: 80' (111').

Cast: Anil Chatterjee, Utpal Dutt, Ritesh Talwar, Satish Shah, Nana Patekar, Rabi Ghosh.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - Tetra is too poor to go to school. Instead, he earns money for his family by pulling the rope that moves a fan which cools three rich kids while they attend school. They, however, don't give a damn about their educations. They are much more interested....


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Return of Robin Hood; Robin Hood junior.



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