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Filmografia su Robin Hood


(The Adventures of Robin Hood)

1955, regia di Lindsay Anderson



Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: ITC (Incorporated Television Company), Sapphire Films, Yeoman Films Ltd. - Distribuzione: ITC (Incorporated Television Company), CBS Television, Alpha Video Distributors - Sceneggiatura: Albert Ruben e altri - Fotografia: Ken Hodges, Gerald Gibbs, Michael Reed - Montaggio: Thelma Connell e altri - Art Direction: John Blezard, Peter Proud, Peter Mullins - Musiche: Edwin Astley, Albert Elms, Sidney Russell - Formato: B.N. - Durata: 30' ogni episodio.

Cast: Richard Green, Patricia Driscoll, Bernadette O'Farrell, Alexander Gauge, Paul Eddington, Victor Woolf, Simone Lovell, Brian Alexis, John Arnatt, Peter Asher, Jonathan Bailey, Richard Coleman, Rufus Cruikshank, Archie Duncan, Jill Esmond, Donald Pleasence.





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Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - Possibly the best versions of the Robin Hood legend are those made for the small screen, partly due to the way its episodic presentation can simulate the sequential verses of the original old English ballads. The BBC television series which started in 1955 remains to this day one of the most engrossing versions of Robin Hood that we are ever likely to see. Mindful that every 1950's schoolboy would be an expert on these classic tales, each programme is produced with great care and attention to detail; the encounter with Little John on the bridge; the carrying of Robin Hood by Friar Tuck across the river; the archery contest; all are here. Richard Green simply is Robin Hood. He combines the swashbuckling impertinence of Errol Flynn with the nobility of an educated English noble. But whereas Flynn may as well have been swinging through the rigging of Captain Blood's galleon, Richard Greene runs gallantly through a genuine looking English Sherwood Forest. ... Bernadette O' Farrell, the original Maid Marian of the series, perhaps lacks the warmth and affection one might expect of the role, ironically sounding rather too much like a well educated 1950's children's television presenter at times. ... The Adventures of Robin Hood was produced by the independent TV company ITP for the ITV network, and exhibited production values in advance of its time.


Serial tv: 165 episodi, 1955-1960; noto anche con il titolo Robin Hood.



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