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Filmografia su Robin Hood


1975, regia di Eric Davidson


Scheda: NazioneGB - ProduzioneBBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) - Distribuzione: Ro - SoggettoAlistair Bell, Robert Banks Stewart, David Butler, Alexander Baron, Anthony Stevens - SceneggiaturaAlistair Bell, Robert Banks Stewart, David Butler, Alexander Baron, Anthony Stevens - FotografiaElmer Cossey - MontaggioPeter Evans - CostumiRoger Reece - MusicheStanley Myers - Durata: 50' ogni episodio.

Cast: Martin Potter, Diane Keen, Paul Darrow, David Dixon, William Marlowe, Geoffrey Russell, Miles Anderson, Conrad Asquith, Tony Caunter, Michael John Jackson, David Ryall, Bernard Archard, Kevin Stoney, Stephen Whittaker, Yvonne Mitchell.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: «The Legend of Robin Hood was a six part television series. Broadcast in late 1975 it then promptly disappeared for three decades until a petition campaign by Robin Hood fans encouraged its DVD release. During its absence the series became something of a legend in its own right, and expectations amongst those who had never seen it ran high. Filmed for the most part on interior sets, the series takes the form of a historical drama, similar in style to other BBC programmes of that era. But that is not to suggest the historical content is totally accurate in regard to the throne of England, nor the original ballads about Robin Hood...».


Serial tv in 6 episodi; un altro serial dallo stesso titolo, con David Watson nella parte di Robin Hood, θ stato trasmesso nel 1968.



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