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Filmografia su Robin Hood

ROBIN HOOd junior

(Reckless Kelly)

1993, regia di Yahoo Serious



Scheda: NazioneAustralia - ProduzioneSerious Entertainment, Warner Bros. - DistribuzioneWarner Bros. - SoggettoLulu Pinkus, David Roach, Warwick Ross, Yahoo Serious - SceneggiaturaLulu Pinkus, David Roach, Warwick Ross, Yahoo Serious - FotografiaKevin Hayward - MontaggioLawrence Jordan - Costumi: Sally Campbell - MusicheAnthony Marinelli, Tommy Tycho (e Mandawuy Yunupingu per la canzone Djapana) - Formato: Colore - Durata: 80' (103').

Cast: Yahoo Serious, Melora Hardin, Alexei Sayle, Hugo Weaving, Kathleen Freeman, John Pinette, Bob Maza, Martin Ferrero, Anthony Ackroyd, Tracey Mann, Max Walker, Adam Bowen, Warren Coleman, Tyler Coppin, Andrew Bilgore, Don Stallings, Theresa Bell.



Trama e commenti: «...Un fuorilegge australiano sullo stile di Robin Hood, deve fare l'attore a Hollywood per poter acquistare l'isola dove vive con la sua piccola comunità».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «Australian comedy phenomenon Yahoo Serious delivers a puerile comic free-for-all that isn't redeemed by a splashy visual style and widescreen color panoramas worthy of a travelogue. In the lush Australian wilderness, Reckless Kelly (Serious), a direct descendant of the outlaw Ned Kelly, carries on the family's Robin Hood legacy. Reckless, who has inherited the bullet-resistant thick skin of his forebears, robs big-city banks and distributes the proceeds to the poor. While knocking over a bank headed by Sir John (Hugo Weaving), a soulless Englishman, he falls head over heels for Robin Banks (Melora Hardin), a Shakespeare-quoting teller and aspiring actress. In retaliation, Sir John decides to sell the Kellys' homestead paradise to the Japanese; Reckless can't simply steal the million-dollar purchase price because the family tradition forbids theft for personal gain...».




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