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1948, regia di Seymour Kneitel


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Famous Studios - Distribuzione: Paramount Pictures - Sceneggiatura: Larz Bourne, Tom Golden - Animatori: Frank Endres, Thomas Johnson - Background artist: Robert Little - Musiche: Winston Sharples - Formato: Polacolor, animazione - Durata: 7'.

Le voci: Jackson Beck, Jack Mercer, Mae Questel, Sid Raymond.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - Robin Hood as portrayed by Popeye walks through the forest singing, accompanied by Little John - who is indeed small in this adaptation. Meanwhile, the nefarious Tax Collector (yet another of Bluto's villain roles) rides his horse-mounted armored vehicle, hard at work taking the people's gold, beginning with a medieval Fred Allen. Robin and John walk into town and into Ye HubBub Pub, to be served root beer by barmaid Olive. The Tax Collector comes in to demand the pub's payment, but his beating heart morphs into a howling wolf's head at the sight of the beautiful barmaid. He offers not to collect the due taxes in an attempt to woo her, that Robin Hood promptly cuts short. The Collector challenges the famous archer to a shooting contest, and begins by cheating with an arrowhead that unfolds into its own bullseye even as he clearly misses the one on the wall. Robin counters by easily hitting the bullseye five times in a row. Next, a lit candle dodges the Collector's attempt to shoot its flame out, but is then turned into seven smaller candles by Robin Hood's expert arrow. ....




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