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 Filmografia su Robin Hood


  1976, regia di Sergei Tarasov



Scheda: Nazione: URSS - SoggettoKirill Rapoport - SceneggiaturaKirill Rapoport - FotografiaDavis Simanis - MusicheVenyamin BasnerFormato: Colore - Durata: 80'.

Cast: Boris Khmelnitsky, Regina Razuma, Via Artmane, Eduard Pavuls, Khariy Shveyts, Algimantas Masiulis, Yuri Kamorny, Juris Strenga, Int Burans, Mirdza Martinsone, Yanis Plesums, Martynsh Verdynsh, Nikolai Dupak.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - IMDb: «There are several good Robin Hood movies ... Here we are with mid 1970s Russian version, and in my opinion it is worth watching. Lots of things go against this film - well, how easy was to create an authentic atmosphere of the medieval England in the 1970s Soviet Union. Not very easy at all. Historical authenticity aside, the treatment of a character is quite unusual. This Robin is almost Byronesque or rather a Lermontov type. The plot is a version of a familiar story, so not too many surprises there. All in all, the film to me always looked a bit weak with few brighter spots (e.g. evil knight casting and performance), but the songs of Vysotsky, are good songs. At times they fit well, and at times they are dissonant with what's on the screen, but no matter, they definitely add a dimension to the movie itself. There is something in the scenes very akin to Taganka theatrical mood of the time. The first cinema release did not contain the songs, there were simply cut off, subsequently everything was restored, so if you come across the butchered version, it's not worth looking at...».


Noto anche con i titoli: Robin Hood's Arrows; Die Pfeile des Robin Hood.



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