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Il Medioevo dei viaggiatori nel tempo


1993, regia di Michael Linn


Scheda: Nazione: USA - ProduzioneLinn Productions - Soggetto: Marc Linn, Michael Linn - Sceneggiatura: Marc Linn, Michael Linn - Fotografia: Michael Linn - MontaggioMarc Linn, Michael Linn - Costumi: Marc Linn - Musiche: James Jacobson, Jennifer Markham - Effetti specialiMichael Linn - FormatoColor. 

Cast: Jill Killinger, Kirsten Meyer, Carl Schoenborn, Dave Scully, Marc Linn, William Stone, Mike Loomer, Jed Weyland, Andy Rahn, Orrin Johnson, Kelly Cowherd, Mike Miller, Adam Stone, Steve Gough, Mikel Gough, Brandy Bower, Heidi Henrickson, Sean Bradley, Vince Kassube, Dennis Linn, Ben Coleman.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - Two young, aspiring actresses, are unwillingly taken on a whirlwind trip through time when a mysterious time portal opens before them. They are pursued by a relentless mafia gang, who believe the girls possess a ring from the future, capable of granting time travel. Featuring a medieval battle, a western shoot-out, and futuristic laser fights....


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: A Tale of Two Blondes



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