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Won 1 Academy Award (Oscar): Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Another 10 wins and 17 nominations


(The Fisher King)

1991, regia di Terry Gilliam


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Columbia Pictures Corporation - Distribuzione: Columbia TriStar Film, LK-TEL, TriStar Pictures - Soggetto: dal romanzo Terra desolata di T. S. Eliot - Sceneggiatura: Richard LaGravenese - Fotografia: Roger Pratt - Montaggio: Lesley Walker - ScenografiaCindy Carr - CostumiBeatrix Aruna Pasztor - Musiche: George Fenton - Effetti speciali: Peerless Camera Co. Ltd. - Formato: Panoramica Technicolor - Durata: 135'.

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Adam Bryant, Mercedes Ruehl, Paul J. Lombardi, David Hyde Pierce, Amanda Plummer, Ted Ross, Lara Harris, Warren Olney, Frazer Smith, Kathy Najimy, Harry Shearer, Melinda Culea, James Remini, Mark Bowden, John Ottavino, Brian Michaels, Jayce Bartok, Mel Bourne, Tom Waits.




«Un uomo compie una strage in una discoteca, suggestionato dal programma radiofonico di Jack Lucas, un dj di successo. Tre anni dopo, Lucas, che vive con Anne una normale vita di borghese, incontra Parry, un clochard, ex professore di storia ossessionato dalla leggenda del Sacro Graal. Parry č uscito di senno dopo che alcuni malviventi gli hanno ucciso la moglie. Jack, che intende aiutarlo, gli fa conoscere una giovane donna che lo assisterą anche dopo che, pestato a sangue da un gruppo di teppisti, finisce in clinica in stato comatoso. Jack si procura una coppa trofeo vinta in una gara sportiva con cui riesce a far uscire dal coma l'amico, facendogli credere che sia il Graal» (Vito Attolini).

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Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - -  «Jack Lucas (Jeff Bridges), a cynical, arrogant shock jock talk radio host, becomes suicidally despondent after his on-air comments inadvertently prompt a psychotic caller to commit multiple murders at a popular bar. Three years later, while heavily intoxicated and depressed, he attempts to commit suicide. Before he can do so, he is mistaken for a homeless person and is attacked and almost set on fire by ruffians. He is rescued by Parry (Robin Williams), a deluded homeless man who is on a mission to find the Holy Grail, and tries to convince Lucas to help him. Lucas is initially reluctant, but comes to feel responsible for Parry when he learns that the man's condition is a result of witnessing his wife's horrific murder at the hands of Lucas's psychotic caller. The title refers to the legend of the Fisher King, a form of which Parry recounts to Lucas. The legend varies, but all iterations possess three elements: the Fisher King was charged by God with guarding the Holy Grail, but later incurred some form of incapacitating physical punishment for his sin of pride, and had to wait for someone to deliver him from his suffering. This was usually Percival, who was also referred to in the movie as "The Fool", with the closing exchange, "I've sent my brightest and bravest men to search for this. How did you find it?" The Fool laughed and said "I don't know. I only knew that you were thirsty." Echoes of the legend recur throughout the film, but in a continually shifting manner, so that it sometimes appears that Lucas is Percival to Parry's Fisher King, sometimes vice versa, and sometimes that one or the other is re-enacting part of the story with another character (most obviously in Parry's self-assigned quest to obtain the Grail from the man he believes is its guardian)».

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