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Leonardo: A Dream of Flight

1998, regia di Allan King


Scheda: Nazione: Canada-Irlanda-Italia - Produzione: David Devine, Richard Mozer - SoggettoRaymond Storey - SceneggiaturaRaymond Storey - Fotografia: Rick Maguire - MontaggioGordon McClellan - Musiche: Fiachra Trench - Formato:  Color, film documentario tv - Durata: 48'.

Cast: Brent Carver, David Felton, Cedric Smith, Tom Melissis, Natascia Diaz, Brenda Bazinet, Leon Pownall, Craig Manley, Bruce Boreman, Pamela Santini, Muriel Costantini, Miriam Centanin, Antonia Pavan, Silvia Cristin, Federico Pantaloni, Luca Gruppo.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - This film, part of the HBO Young Inventor Series, looks at the great artist Leonardo da Vinci and his fascination with flight. Acclaimed filmmaker Allan King sets his 16th century story in Padua. The story follows da Vinci, played by Brent Carver, as he befriends a young boy named Roberto, acted by David Felton. The two explore their interest in birds, kites, and flight. The story line provides the backdrop for a portrait of the artist's genius, and a journey into his memoirs and notebooks. His drawings of parachutes, flying men, and flying machines were centuries ahead of their time. The film has been endorsed by Kid's First for its educational excellence (Rose of Sharon Winter, All Movie Guide).




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