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Il cinema indiano: non solo Hollywood - Filmografia su Robin Hood

Adventures Of Robin Hood

1965, regia di B. J. Patel


Scheda: Nazione: India - Produzione: People Pictures - Soggetto: Yogesh - Musiche: G. S. Kohli - Formato: Color, linguaggio Hindi.

Cast: Prashant, Parveen Choudhary, Shyam Kumar, Nilofar, Bhagwan.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - «...Essentially the plot consists of Robin Hood (Prashant) wooing Maid Marian (Praveen Choudhary) and collecting a band of Merry Men (Bhagwan as Friar Tuck, wrestler Saudagar Singh as Little John, and an unknown actor—to me, hint hint—as Alan-a-Dale): They occupy themselves fighting the treacherous King John and his “Shareef” of Nottingham, who is not in the least shareef. I particularly love King John’s clothing and accessories. I must confess here that I had trouble telling the difference between King John and the Sheriff—they looked exactly the same to me, with their pointy goatees, gaudy clothes and evil smirks. Maid Marian’s father added to the confusion, although I think he might have been a good guy (that’s just a guess though since I never got to see the end of the film). King John and the Sheriff are aided and abetted by my favorite B-movie villain Shyam Kumar as someone named Lord Jambal (I think) who cherishes an unrequited passion for Maid Marian. How I love his strutting and tendency to shout his lines towards a point just beyond the camera. The Sheriff’s platinum blonde daughter Shelly (Nilofar) cherishes her own passion for Lord Jambal although I think her father wants her to hook up with King John (who seems willing enough). Robin Hood meets jolly Friar Tuck first, and then Alan-a-Dale, a minstrel whose fiancee (Lino Jones) is kidnapped by an evil nobleman who murders her father and wants to marry her. I’ve seen Lino in a lot of B-movie adventures, mostly as a dancer. She is hilariously wooden, even when being “forcibly” dragged away by said nobleman. I am no actress myself, but I think even I could muster up the appearance of a struggle for a few minutes. Not our Lino, though, no. Her task is just to look pretty, and she does it well. After she is rescued, Friar Tuck marries her to our minstrel Alan, and they get a fair share of the gorgeous music in this: a duet—”Pyar Ki Baat”—and a ballet-type dance for her. ...».


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Adventures of Robinhood and Bandits.




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