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Allahu Akbar

1959, regia di Ibrahim El Sayed



Scheda: Nazione: Egitto - Soggetto: Najeeb Mahfooz - Formato: B.N. Cast: Zahra El Ula, Mohammad El Dafrawy, Abdulwarith Asr, Abdulaziz Khalil, Hasan Hamid, Ne'emat Mokhtar.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDbaflam.wsHind is the daughter of a wealthy merchant in their tribe, and is loved by the son of one of Bani Amir's sheiks in another tribe. This young man is a non believer while Hind and her father were one of the first believers in Islam. The young man propose for the hand of Hind but her father refuses unless he becomes a Muslim she can not marry him. The Tribe of Hind gets oppressed by the tribe of Bani Amir for entering in Islam. Eventually, the Muslims in the tribe immigrates to the City Yathrib when to flee the torture and oppression, among them Hind, her father, and the son of the Sheik who converts to Islam and marries hind.


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Allah is Great; God is Great.



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