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Al Mutanabbi

2002, regia di Haitham Haqqi


Scheda: Nazione: Siria - Formato: Color, serie tv - Durata: 30 episodi. Cast: Salloum Haddad.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - The life history of the renowned poet Abu al Tayyeb al Mutanabbi (Kufa, Iraq 915- Baghdad 965). Arab poet, considered the greatest of the classical Arab poets. al-Mutanabbi was educated in Damascus, as well as choosing to live among bedouins in the desert, with the tribe Banu Qalb. It was during his youth that he got his name, which means "the one who wants to become Prophet", when he participated in revolutionary movements. During imprisonment he started to compose his poetry. From 948 to 957 al-Mutanabbi worked close to the Syrian prince Sayfu d-Dawla in Aleppo, and wrote a number of panegyrics for him. But as al-Mutanabbi was still political active, he was eventually forced to flee to Egypt, but as he wrote satires that presented the court in a negative way, he had to move again, now back to Iraq, to Baghdad. Later on he worked as a court poet in Shiraz. While being without a patron, al-Mutanabbi was in 965 slain by brigands during a trip, near Baghdad. With a flowery style, use of the ode, and changing away from the traditional Arabic qasida, al-Mutanabbi stands out as the most important representative for the panegyrical poetic style. The Syrian actor Salloum Haddad is currently gearing up along with the Syrian director Haitham Haqqi for his forthcoming drama about the life history of the renowned poet Abu al Tayyeb al Mutanabbi. "I was supposed to star this year in a big drama series about the Arab renowned poet al Mutababbi but as everybody knows the immense preparations and production arrangements for this series have prevented me from wrapping it up as scheduled. I hope the audience will see a top notch drama on the life history of this poet and his relations with the society and the circumstances that led him to excellence...".




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