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La Bella e la Bestia

Alenkiy tsvetochek

1952, regia di Lev Atamanov


Scheda: Nazione: URSS - Produzione: Soyuzmultfilm - Distribuzione: Soyuzmultfilm - Soggettoda un racconto di S.T. Aksakov, e dalle liriche di Ya. Shvedov - Sceneggiatura: Georgi Grebner - Camera: Michael Druyan - Montaggio: Lidiya Kyaksht - Art Direction: Alexander Vinokurov, Leonid Shvartsman - Animazione: Vadim Dolgikh, Boris Chani, Fedor Khitruk, Boris Meyerovich, Vyacheslav Kotenochkin, Boris Dezhkin, Gennady Filippov, Tatiana Fedorova, Roman Kachanov, Roman Davydov - Musiche: Nikolai Budashkin - Formato: Color, animazione - Durata: 42'.

Voci: G. Nevzorova, V. Rodgero, I. Troyanova, Irina Svetlitsa, Nikolai Fedorov, K. Malyshev.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - en.wikipedia.or...The film is an example of the Socialist Realism period in Russian animation, which was characterized by heavy use of rotoscoping and a focus on adapting traditional Russian folk tales. It was restored at the Gorky Film Studio in 1987 and is now widely available on several video and DVD editions in Russia (an English-subtitled version has not been released). Before going on an overseas journey, a merchant father asks his three daughters what they would like him to bring back for them. The eldest asks for a shining tiara, the middle asks for a frame through which her face would always appear young, and the youngest (Nastenka) asks her father to bring her a beautiful scarlet flower like one which she saw in her dreams. Her elder sisters laugh at this simple wish. The father's trip is successful and he finds everything that he came for, with the exception of Nastenka's scarlet flower. Nevertheless, the ship heaves off and they begin to head back while the father scans the lands around him for a scarlet flower....


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: The Little Red Flower.



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