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1953, regia di K. Amarnath


Scheda: Nazione: India - Produzione: K. Amarnath Productions - Soggetto: M.R. Nawab - Sceneggiatura: M.R. Nawab - Dialoghi:  M.R. Nawab - Fotografia: Minoo Billimoria - Montaggio: Vasant Borkar - Art Direction: Palnitkar - Set Decoration: Bahadur Mistri - Costumi: Fi - Musiche: Shyam Sunder - Effetti speciali: Ramnord Research Laboratories - Formato: B.N., linguaggio Hindi.

Cast: Maya Devi, Gope, Vijay Kumar, Asha Mathur, Murad, Nimmi, Pran, Tikku.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - Afratyam (Pran) dreams of becoming the most powerful person for which he needs to get the magic flame which he can get only through the help of Alladin. Alladin brings him to his place in Baghdad with one of his friends. His friend suffers from cleptomania. One day, Alladin sees a girl who is a princess and falls in love with her. One day her father is killed and Alladin is caught in the palace but she succeeds in setting him free. Alladin running from the palace reaches Afratyam's place. Aftratyam tells Alladin about the magic flame and asks him to bring it to him. When Aladdin sees the flame, a jinn comes out of it and asks Alladin for orders. Alladin starts asking for many things and soon becomes a prince. His friend is made a 'wazir' and they reach the princess' palace to ask for her hand. But one day Afratyam reaches the palace and gets hold of the flame and hence the jinn is no longer a servant to Alladin. Afratyam uses the jinn for wrong purposes and blinds Alladin. Afratyam now decides to marry the princess and in return gives Alladin his eyesight. Will Aladdin get the flame to get the powers? Or will he find some other way to win over Afratyam who is full of powers? Will Alladin get his princess? All these questions are answered in the remaining part of the story.


Il film, conosciuto anche con il titolo: Alif and Laila, il remake di Alif Laila del 1933.




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