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Filmografia sulla crisi dell'impero romano e l'etą dei «barbari»

Amazons and Gladiators

2001, regia di Zachary Weintraub


Scheda: Nazione: USA-Germania - Produzione: MBP, Weintraub/Kuhn Productions - Distribuzione: Beyond Films - Soggetto: Zachary Weintraub - Sceneggiatura: Zachary Weintraub - Fotografia: Thomas Hencz - Montaggio: Eric Torres - Scenografia: Genovaite Vidauskaite - Costumi: Daiva Petrulyte - Musiche: Tim Jones - Effetti speciali: Edvinas Urbonas - Formato: Color - Durata: 94'.

Cast: Nichole M. Hiltz, Patrick Bergin, Richard Norton, Jennifer Rubin, Wendi Winburn, Melanie Gutteridge, Mary Tamm, Janina Matiekonyte, Darius Miniotas, Rona Waddington, Tomas Ereminas, Gabija Danieleviciute, Lauren Wilcox.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - - - - - «Benefiting from a slew of decent performances, A&G manages to surpass most of the competition and become a worthy entry in the "gladiatrix" sub-genre. This is perhaps because the cast have been hired either because they can act or because they can fight, while simultaneously not embarrassing themselves in the other department. Pity poor Hiltz, who is in virtually every scene, yet doesn't even get her name on the cover. Things start badly, with an annoying child version of heroine Serena, witnessing - and partly responsible for - the death of her mother, as entertainment for governor Crassius (Bergin, a nicely-judged and slimy piece of creepiness). Fortunately, the grown-up version (Hiltz) is much less irritating, and ends up training for revenge with a band of Amazons, under their leader Zenobia...».

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