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1953, regia di Kothamangalam Subbu


Scheda: Nazione: India - Produzione: Gemini Films - Soggetto: Kothamangalam Subbu - Sceneggiatura: Kothamangalam Subbu - Fotografia: Thambu - Montaggio: Nandamuri Hari - Art Direction: M.S. Janikiram, A.K. Sekhar, K.R. Sharma - Musiche: M.D. Parthasarathy - Formato: B.N., linguaggio Tamil - Durata: 174'.

Cast: K.B. Sundarambal, Gemini Ganesan, G. Pattu Iyer, Kushala Kumari.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - When a childless Brahmin couple find a baby left alone, they prefer to adopt her. Since they are rich and childless, they raise her in wealth and pomp. But when the girl grows up, she concentrates upon Lord Vinayaka and not thinking of marriage like other girls of her age. When the parents think of her marriage, she tries to escape from it, as she is devoted more to Lord Vinayaka. Hence, she prays to become an old-aged woman (as no young man likes to marry an old lady). Lord Vinayaka obliges and when others see it, they feel shell-shocked and understand what has happened. Now, this old woman is named Avvaiyar (K. B. Sundarambal). Avvaiyar leaves her parent's village to go around many places preaching Vinayaka's greatness through her songs. She also goes around and solves many problems. Impressed by her devotion, a local king and his two daughters ask her to stay at the court for some days. Avvaiyar is impressed by their hospitality and blesses them. And once again she goes around preaching and solving many problems. Now, after a long time, she once again comes across the two princesses, but in ordinary dress living in a hut. She then comes to know that their father's enemies killed him and imprisoned the person (Gemini Ganesan) who was to marry the two girls. Avvaiyar approaches the kings who were the slain king's former friends. But they refuse as they are afraid of the powerful enemies. Hence Avvaiyar herself goes to save Gemini Ganeshan. When she prays to Vinayaka, he sends many elephants towards the enemies' fort and the wild elephants destroy the enemies and bring back the man. Now, with her mission over, she moves to another place where a boy asks a funny question, to which she could not give a convincing reply. Then the boy reveals himself as the Lord Murugan whom Avvaiyar worshipped. Murugan says that Avvaiyar can now leave the world to join the place of the divine. ....


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Avaiyar; Avaiyyar.




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