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1964, regia di Claude Pierson


Scheda: Nazione: Francia - Produzione: Crécifilms, Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française - Distribuzione: Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française - Musiche: Rene Dumont - Formato: B.N., serie tv - Durata: 26' ognuno dei 13 episodi.

Cast: René Roussel, Georges Beauvilliers, Fernand Berset, Paul Bonifas, Catherine Diamant, Philippe Drancy, Michel Forain, Thérèse Godon, Bernard La Jarrige, Victor Lanoux, Anne Tonietti.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «Bayard or the Knight Bayard is a Feuilleton televised French in 13 25 minutes episodes, in black and white, carried out by Claude Pierson and diffused January 16th with the April 9th 1964 on the first chain of ORTF. At the end 15th century, high-facts of the Knight without Fear and Reproach, Bayard, faithful captain of the king Charles VIII».


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Le chevalier Bayard.




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