Boris Godunov

1978, direttore Boris Khaikin



Scheda: Nazione: URSS - Produzione: di Dennis Hedlund - Distribuzione: Kultur International Films Inc., Kultur Video - Soggetto: dall'omonima opera lirica di Modest Petrovič Musorgskij, versione Rimsky-Korsakov, e dal dramma omonimo di Aleksŕndr Sergeevič Puškin - Musiche: di Modest Petrovič Musorgskij - Direttore: Boris Khaikin - Coro e orchestra: The Bolshoi Opera - Formato: Color - Durata: 181'.

Cast: Yevgeni Nesterenko, Vladislav Piavko, Valery Yaroslavtsev, Irina Arkhipova, Galina Kalinina, Glafira Koroleva, Aleksei Maslennikov.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - -«Universally acknowledged as the greatest of all Russian operas, this is a faithful and often dazzling production of the standard Rimsky-Korsakov version taped "live" at the Bolshoi in 1978. As Boris, the renowned Yevgeni Nesterenko is as justifiably identified with the role in his generation as Chaliapin, London and Kipness were in theirs. Nesterenko gives a remarkably vivid, human portrait of the tormented half-crazed Tsar, and is supported by a first rate ensemble in a richly designed and costumed production that represents opera at its grandest. Particularly outstanding are Vladislav Piavko as the Pretender, Valery Yaroslavtsev as Pimen, Irina Arkhipova as Marina (a role generally associated with Vishnevskaya), Galina Kalinina as Xenia, and Aleksei Maslennikov as the Simpleton Because of its complex structure and excessive length, Boris is seldom performed without cuts, chief among these is Marina's Boudoir scene whose omission here is hardly obtrusive. Of greater importance, however, is the logical reverse order of the final two scenes. In Mussorgsky's original version, Boris's death preceded the "revolutionary scene" which ends the opera. In the Rimsky-Korsakov version, the death of Boris finishes the epic with a shattering impact leaving the viewer overwhelmed. Boris Khaikin conducts the most complete version of this masterwork currently available on DVD. The sound recording is good, and viewers may also be amused as the camera discreetly tours the Bolshoi Theatre during the few recorded minutes of intermission».




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