Boris Godunov

1989, regia di Andrzej Zulawski


Scheda: Nazione: Francia-Spagna-Jugoslavia - Produzione: Erato Films, Gemka Productions, Avala Film, Blue Dahlia Productions, Ibero Americanal Avala, Iberoamericana de Televisión S.A., La Sept Cinéma, Société Générale de Gestion Cinématographique (SGGC) - Distribuzione: Union Générale Cinématographique - Soggetto: dall'omonima opera lirica di Modest Petrovič Musorgskij, basata sul dramma omonimo di Aleksàndr Sergeevič Puškin - Sceneggiatura: Andrzej Zulawski - Fotografia: Pierre-Laurent Chénieux, Andrzej Jaroszewicz - Montaggio: Marie-Sophie Dubus - Art Direction: Mm - Scenografia: Le - Costumi: Magdalena Biernawska-Teslawska - Musiche: di Modest Petrovič Musorgskij - Direttore: Mstislav Rostropovich - Formato: Fujicolor - Durata: 117'.

Cast: Ruggero Raimondi, Kenneth Riegel, Pavel Slaby, Wyatscheslaw Polozov, Bernard Lefort, Paul Plishka, Delphine Forest, Galina Vishnevskaya, Anne-Marie Pisani, Nikita Storojew, Romuald Tesarowicz, Nicolai Gedda, Kaline Carr, Catherine Dubosc, Mahew Adam Fish, Lajos Miller, Richard Cowan.


Trama e commenti: - «San Pietroburgo, 1874. Modest' Mussorgskij, compositore, si reca alla prima della sua opera "Borìs Godunòv", che mette in scena il regno dispotico del boiardo Borìs, assetato di potere ma vinto dal senso di colpa. A fargli da contraltare è il falso Dmitrij, monaco che si spaccia per il nuovo erede al trono».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review:«This is a highly adapted cinematic rendition of the great Russian opera Boris Godunov (1874), originally composed by Modest Mussorgsky (and later modified by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Dmitri Shostakovich and others). The opera is based on a play by the great Russian dramatist Alexander Pushkin. It tells a story of tragic proportions about a 16th century Czar of Russia. With so many culture heroes involved in one monolithic musical masterpiece (it is quite long), it is little wonder that any attempt to adapt it to the screen or change the focus of the original is likely to provoke howls of outrage from devotees of the original opera. That is precisely what happened with this well-intentioned international production. In addition to cutting over an hour out of the original production, it spends a great deal of time on the bedroom exploits of the various characters in the story. There is also some anachronistic material included that is intended to heighten the political commentary that is already present in the original opera. In the story, which is too long and involved to do more than summarize here, the tumultuous reign of the capable but ruthless Russian Czar Boris Godunov is narrated from the time he accepts the crown to his death. The Czar's brief reign (1598-1605) is characterized by intrigues, plots, betrayals, attempted coups, murders, and nearly every kind of calamity that can befall a leader. His only comfort is that he can bequeath his unruly empire to his son on his deathbed».




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